Michael Petracca

Lecturer Emeritus
Writing Program

University of California at Santa Barbara
South Hall 3400 Suites
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
E-mail: petracca@writing.ucsb.edu


Writing 121, Advanced Creative Nonfiction:  an upper-division writing workshop in which students expand on skills and methodologies learned in the Writing 105CN course and write in a variety of nonfictional subgenres, including narrative "fact piece," profile essay, and more experimental forms.

Writing 105CN, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction:  an upper-division writing workshop in which students read and write in a variety of nonfictional subgenres, including autobiographical narrative essay, segmented essay, and shorter forms. 

Writing 109SS, Writing for the Social Sciences: research, discussion, and analysis of current issues in the social sciences, with a content focus on cultural impacts of digital technology, and the effects of hypertext on traditional methods of information presentation.

Writing 109F, Writing about Film: analysis and practice of various forms of writing about film, Including source-based argumentation, film reviews, movie-centered personal narrative, and dialectical journal responses to prose pieces of interest to majors In Film Studies, English, the humanities generally, and related social sciences.

Writing 109ED, Writing for the Teaching Professions: research, discussion, and analysis of current issues in educational theory, practice, and policy. Appropriate for prospective teaching credential students.

Writing 50, Writing and the Research Process: a writing course addressing the analytical skills underlying the research process of academic and professional communities.


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   MELVYL Abstract: Cereal boxes are being used in an apparent attempt to increase environmental awareness but with generalizations that subvert this intent. On the Kix cereal box, for example, geographical regions are depicted as possessions and industrialization is shown as the only viable basis of economy. Cereal box manufacturers have a responsibility to portray environments as a complex arrangement of interrelated parts in a constant state of change.

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